Our Pledge and Commitments

Why use Cal-Sign Wholesale?

We have experience spanning five generations in the sign industry.
Currently we manufacture and ship for many of the largest as well as smallest sign companies throughout the nation. Our advanced products, competitive pricing and always dependable delivery dates over the years have given sign companies confidence to out-source with us.

Customer Service & Support

Our experienced staff are always available to assist you with any of your questions or concerns. If you need assistance regarding any of your potential, ongoing or past projects, feel free to call. We want to help make every project a success.

Fast Quotes “No Surprises”

Price lists can be difficult to understand, so for best results, we suggest requesting a “No Surprise Quote”. Our specially designed estimating program allows us to give accurate quotes within an hour on most requests. E-mail your request and we’ll quickly give you a…“No Surprise” quote.

Fast Delivery on Time…Everytime

We understand your need for speed. That is why we utilize today’s most modern equipment and advanced techniques for fast, quality manufacturing. We deliver products on our own vehicles throughout California and have a network of the best carriers for national shipments.

Quality Products that last

We use only the highest quality, proven products and components along with modern day techniques in the manufacturing and assembly process. Our goal is to produce only high quality products that are install and service friendly.

The Wholesale Leader

We are not the biggest, but because of our total commitment to quality products & continuous services that are unheard of in the wholesale industry, we have fast become…The Wholesale Leader!

Mission Statement

Developing relationships with sign companies to achieve partnered success through quality products, dependability and trust.